13 years ago I sustained a cervical spinal cord injury in an ocean related accident which left me as a quadriplegic in a power wheelchair. With my new life circumstances, I had to relearn life with a whole new aspect and become reliant on strong equipment, proper technology and suitable to my disability. For years, I thought my days of traveling both nationally and internationally we're well over because of the simple fact that might everyday power wheelchair is over 400 lbs and cannot travel properly with me on a plane.
After bringing up my travel circumstances to other individuals that I know in my community with similar disabilities, I was given the opportunity to learn about Freedom chair. After visiting the website and seeing somebody else that I know in one of the lightweight devices, I was destined to learn more. After getting to utilize one of the freedom chairs for the first time, I was absolutely amazed by the ease-of-use, versatility and comfort level for someone even with my level of spinal cord injury. As soon as I purchased my freedom chair, I was able to take my first vacation since my injury 13 years ago. I left my big power wheelchair behind and took the ultra lightweight Freedom chair with me on a plane, to the Caribbean and even on a few boat rides while I was there. Although I was rather skeptical at first, 10 days on a remote island going through grass, some forms of sand and on paved roads and also Coral Stone, the freedom chair stayed true to their reputation and made it through each and every day without any problems whatsoever.
I was overwhelmed by how well the chair performed, folded up and able to be tucked away when needed. I was also impressed with how long lasting the battery life is for such a lightweight chair. Not only did I suggest this chair to other friends of mine in the community that have similar injuries, I have seen a multitude of other injuries such as Strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and various other neurological disorders use this wheelchair with absolute ease. As one of the only FDA-approved ultralight wheelchairs on the market, Freedom chair sticks true to their reputation and provides the best freedom and accessibility that is unparalleled. I can't wait for my next trip and my next adventure with the freedom chair. 
Kevin. M.
13 years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After receiving the news and understanding that my disease was debilitating, I thought that my husband and I would not be able to travel and still enjoy our retirement that we work so hard for. For the past few years, my disease has worsened and has Mimi start to rely on Mobility products to get around. For three and a half years I have been using a scooter which is extremely cumbersome, very hard to use and very hard to travel with. I used to have to put it on the back of my vehicle with an extra trailer carrier to take it two stores and other areas everyday.
My husband was finally sick and tired of seeing me go through all my daily struggles and got on the internet to start the search for a better Mobility solution. He came across freedomchair and immediately showed me the website. After contacting their customer service and speaking with their disability specialist, I was overwhelmed to understand how lightweight my freedomchair is, durable, and easy-to-use. We immediately ordered the freedomchair and eagerly awaited for it to arrive. Upon arrival, it was everything that freedomchair stated it was and more! Not only am I able to take it two stores with me on a daily basis but I can stow it right in my backseat of my car and do not have to have that trailer anymore or that huge scooter that I was originally using. I am also able to take it inside my home and get around very tight corners and into every room in my home. This is something that was not even remotely close to happening with my scooter. I am forever grateful to be able to use Freedomchair and can't tell you how great it feels to be free again.
Jeannie B.
Madison, Wisconsin
Freedomchair is the ultra lightweight power chair that I never knew existed! I am a below-the-knee single leg amputee that lives in the greater Orlando area. Although I have a prosthetic and can walk with a cane on a daily basis, it sometimes gets hard as I'm aging when I have to go great distances.
One of my last visits to Disney World with my children and grandchildren, I came across another amputee person that was using the Freedomchair luxury sport. I waved them down and asked if I could ask a few questions. They told me that they just purchased the Freedomchair a few weeks ago and have been using it for the past 4 days through Disney World and also around Orlando and had tremendous success. That evening I went home, I went on the internet and found their telephone number. I immediately called customer service and ordered my Freedomchair.
After getting my luxury sport edition, I have been back to Disney World with my family two times and also have gone to a bunch of different conferences at the Orange County Convention Center. Anybody who has been there knows how big that Convention Center is. The battery has lasted me all day and all night without a recharge. I have gone over bumps, partial curves and even put it through a little bit of dirt. My luxury sport edition handled it with ease. For such a lightweight mobility chair, I never thought it would be able to be rugged and also carry such a charge. I was proven wrong time and time again. Not only have I purchased the Freedomchair luxury sport edition, but six other people in the support group that I belong to have purchased them as well. We all enjoy what this Ultra lightweight chair does for all of us.
Roger S.
Orlando, Florida
My wife suffered a devastating stroke about 5 years ago which paralyzed her whole left side. After months of rehabilitation and finally getting her out of the hospital, she came home with a power wheelchair that was given to her from her insurance company. The chair weighs a little over 400 pounds. Although the stroke was so devastating for my wife emotionally, knowing that she had such a big, clunky wheelchair that she would spend the rest of her life in was the hardest aspect that my wife had to succumb to emotionally.
Not too long ago, my wife's mother has become ill and can no longer travel herself. My wife desperately wanted to visit her mom and spend some time with her as much as possible. We knew that traveling with a 400 lb power chair was almost near impossible. After much research on the internet and looking through everything that I could, I came across Freedomchair. I did a tremendous amount of homework and spoke with their disability specialist, other users of the Freedomchair and saw so many great reviews. I decided to surprise my wife and purchase the luxury Freedomchair, the extra battery and the cup holder for her birthday.
It arrived right on time for her birthday at the house. After opening up the box and basically doing four steps, the chair was completely assembled and ready to go. My wife was absolutely shocked to say the least. She didn't believe that this chair would be able to be used especially with such a severe disability as a prominent left side stroke. Her nurse and myself transferred my wife into the chair and she immediately took off throughout the house with ease. It only took her a few minutes to get used to the Freedomchair, understand exactly how it works and feel comfortable to use it for long duration's of time. Three days later we booked our first plane flight and were very nervous about putting the chair on the belly of the plane. Once we got my wife onto the plane, the ground team completely folded the chair up within seconds and placed it right on the belly of the plane like they were Pros. Once we arrived in Ohio, the chair was brought right inside the plane for my wife to transfer into. This has been a godsend to say the least. My wife has now visited her mother 3 different times and is able to have the relationship she has truly wanted while her mother is still with us. My wife and I owe so much to the team at Freedomchair. Whenever we have a question they are always available to answer and even allowed us to purchase an additional battery at a later date. Anybody with a stroke that is looking to possibly travel with the lightest wheelchair on the market, you shouldn't hesitate to getting Freedomchair.
Henry and Meryl F.
San Diego, California