13 years ago I sustained a cervical spinal cord injury in an ocean related accident which left me as a quadriplegic in a power wheelchair. With my new life circumstances, I had to relearn life with a whole new aspect and become reliant on strong equipment, proper technology and suitable to my disability. For years, I thought my days of traveling both nationally and internationally we're well over because of the simple fact that might everyday power wheelchair is over 400 lbs and cannot travel properly with me on a plane.
After bringing up my travel circumstances to other individuals that I know in my community with similar disabilities, I was given the opportunity to learn about Freedom chair. After visiting the website and seeing somebody else that I know in one of the lightweight devices, I was destined to learn more. After getting to utilize one of the freedom chairs for the first time, I was absolutely amazed by the ease-of-use, versatility and comfort level for someone even with my level of spinal cord injury. As soon as I purchased my freedom chair, I was able to take my first vacation since my injury 13 years ago. I left my big power wheelchair behind and took the ultra lightweight Freedom chair with me on a plane, to the Caribbean and even on a few boat rides while I was there. Although I was rather skeptical at first, 10 days on a remote island going through grass, some forms of sand and on paved roads and also Coral Stone, the freedom chair stayed true to their reputation and made it through each and every day without any problems whatsoever. I was overwhelmed by how well the chair performed, folded up and able to be tucked away when needed. I was also impressed with how long lasting the battery life is for such a lightweight chair. Not only did I suggest this chair to other friends of mine in the community that have similar injuries, I have seen a multitude of other injuries such as Strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and various other neurological disorders use this wheelchair with absolute ease. As one of the only FDA-approved ultralight wheelchairs on the market, Freedom chair sticks true to their reputation and provides the best freedom and accessibility that is unparalleled. I can't wait for my next trip and my next adventure with the freedom chair. 
Kevin. M.