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Electric Wheelchairs

The Freedom electric wheelchair is an FDA approved mobility device and was designed to be the most convenient electric wheelchair on the market today. It is made of strong aluminum alloy, which gives the chair a total weight of only 45 pounds and can support passengers weighing up to 500 pounds! It can be easily folded in seconds and transported in your car, SUV or truck. It is also ideal for travel due to it’s compact size and can fit virtually anywhere. Now you can bring your wheelchair on the cruise ship, airplane, bus or train.

Our wheelchair is built for durability, safety and reliability for people with mobility issues. It is also more stable than the wobbly 3 wheel scooters.

You no longer have to be stuck indoors. Make outdoor activities much more pleasant with family and friends. We know you will love our Freedom electronic wheelchair since we put it through rigorous testing and experiments to make sure it is safe, sure and reliable.